Featured Ornaments

In this episode, Deb Felix share Deb’s Celebrity ornaments that she made as gifts for some of her favorite celebrities with the viewers. Some of the celebrity ornaments that Deb shares are, Paula Deen, Dolly Parton, Clinton Kelley, Bill O’reilly and even John Kate to name a few. Deb received some very nice thank you notes from many of them. One celebrity that Deb forgets to mention that sent a very nice note and “tweeted” Deb as well was Clinton Kelley.
You may view Deb’s Celebrity Ornaments here:
Dolly Parton – https://www.debandco.com/c-152-dolly-parton.aspx
Paula Deen – https://www.debandco.com/c-154-paula-deen.aspx
Taylor Swift – https://www.debandco.com/c-164-taylor-swift.aspx
Rachael Ray – https://www.debandco.com/c-153-rachael-ray.aspx
Megyn Kelly – https://www.debandco.com/c-136-megyn-kelly.aspx
John and Kate – https://www.debandco.com/c-138-jon-kate-plus-8.aspx
Bill O’Reilly – https://www.debandco.com/c-135-bill-oreilly.aspx
Glenn Beck – https://www.debandco.com/c-134-glenn-beck.aspx
Ellen DeGeneres – https://www.debandco.com/c-131-ellen-degeneres.aspx
Bill Hemmer – https://www.debandco.com/c-137-bill-hemmer.aspx
Stacy London and Clinton Kelly – https://www.debandco.com/c-132-stacy-london-clinton-kelly.aspx

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