Don’t Eat the Lilies!

Well, we haz a real scare here furr me an Mozie an we jist wanna makes sure dat no udder kiddies doos da same ting. So here be da warning – DO NOT EAT THE LILIES!!! Sumbuddies give Momsie a Easter Lily furr a present. Cuz it wuz gonna freeze she put it on da inclose porch cuz she nose not to leave furr kitties cuz it be poison but Dad, he dint nose so he let us out dere. Den me an Mozie munched on da lillies an Momsie cum out an next ting we nose we bowf in da hospital!!
Anyway, we make dis video – be sure to watch da part after “Happily Ever After” cuz dats when we alls havin fun.
THANKS FURR WATCHIN!!! An tell all your furriends – DON’T EAT DA LILLIES!

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